Organized arrival to Split

Welsh fans will arrive in Split with two organized charter flights:

  • Flight 1 - 24 March 2023 - Jet2 LS6527 arrives at 12:40 (235 pax – all on coaches)
  • Flight 2 - 24 March 2023 - Jet2 LS6511 arrives at 12:45 (189 pax – about 30 on coaches, the rest do not have organized transfer)

The biggest number of the passengers on above mentioned flights will be transferred with the coaches to the city of Split. 

On the first flight all 235 passengers have reserved transfer to Split, on the second flight 30 out of 189 passengers have reserved transvers to Split with the organized coach. The coaches will pick up the passengers on the South Parking area (see photos below). 

The rest of the passengers, who do not want to use organized transfer will use other means of transport (taxi, local bus lines, Airport shuttle coach).  

Welsh Fan Zones and transfer to the stadium

For the supporters of the Welsh National Team two fan zones will be organized. One in the centre of the city, in the western part of the city bay, and another on the stadium.

Transport for the Welsh fans from the City Fan Zone to the Stadium Fan Zone will be organized with the shuttle bus service. Pick up bus stop will be in the City Fan Zone and the drop-off bus stop will be in front of the Stadium Fan Zone (points A and B).

The buses will be going in regular intervals (that you can find in City Fan Zone part of this page) which will help in avoiding congestion on entrances A/B.

The organizer guarantees that all Welsh supporters will be transported from the City Fan Zone to the Stadium Fan Zone.